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Achieve Your Dreams

Invest in yourself

"If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake. – Bill Gates

I would like you to take a moment to breathe and just relax – take a step back and reflect on your life. Ask yourself these important questions:

1 . Where exactly am I?

2 . Have I achieved all of my dreams?

3 . Do I know exactly what those dreams are?

4 . Am I any closer to achieving my dreams now, than

     when I first began to desire them?

This post is written by someone who has reached a cross-roads in life, someone who realized the importance of  clarity and self-motivation, someone who wants to share with you the most important step in achieving your own dreams.

You MUST invest in yourself.

Forget the world around you for a moment. Switch off and take a step back. Absorb everything you are about to read because these words might be the difference between success and failure. Any time you need direction, put the knowledge you have learned here into practice – if you can do this, you will never look back.

NOW is the best time to start your journey to success. Never mind the things which you believe are limiting you. It can be time, money, language or experience.  When you learn these simple methods you simply cannot fail and remember it is your right to be successful.

Firstly, you must discover and recognize what success means to you. I am about to show you how to jumpstart your journey by making it personal and helping you find a profound desire to succeed. Having a dream is the beginning to success, it is what will push, motivate and keep you focused when you are challenged with obstacles.

Very often, if we are not committed to achieving something, it tends to get pushed to the back of our minds and we put less priority to it. Things and circumstances will find a way of making you stray from your goals and aspirations. Why? Because we are only human and life is unpredictable.

Committing to a goal and seeing it through, not only brings success but also a feeling of wellbeing and above all self-actualization. Even when it seems that the world is conspiring against you, following your dreams and becoming who you really desire is the best experience you’ll ever have in this life.

If you read life history of the people you admire and people who are successful, you will notice a pattern emerging. Successful people do not leave anything to fortune. They make a decision to achieve something. then they follow their dreams forsaking no matter what circumstances prevents them from doing so.

Successful people all start with a goal and then they follow their hearts without a question and with the mindset that success is the only option. One thing that we need to bear in mind is that success is not measured in money, it is measured in achievement. When you set out to do something and then do it that is already called success. For instance, I have been to 57 different countries so far. This is one important measure of success to me - not just the money I put together or save for the future.

Danijel Mirkov is a non-fiction writer with books published in Europe, Brazil and in the USA. White and Blue train is a successful story
Danijel Mirkov is a non-fiction writer with books published in Europe, Brazil and in the USA. White and Blue train is a successful story

Success feels good, it makes you happy. What is even better is that it doesn’t need to be a huge achievement; we can start small by taking baby steps and allow our successes to accumulate one by one. Before we knew it, our goals and dreams are already realized.

I strongly believe that everybody has the potential to succeed and that failing is a personal choice. Let me put it another way, it is only possible to fail if you procrastinate and have stopped trying. Unless you have given up, you are still doing what you have set out to achieve, and therefore still walking on your personal journey to success. In effect, you only fail if you give up and stop, and this is the choice we make.

That kind of situation is also true for those who never begin in the first place, falling at the first hurdle and not taking any action at all. This becomes failure because you have decided you want to do something and not even begin. Obstacles will invariably be put in our way; it’s our attitude towards these obstacles that will define the outcome. Whether we are going to succeed or fail, whether we are successful people or unsuccessful people, it all depends on how see look and deal at hindrances.

These kinds of stages will determine the rest of your life, career and any other pursuit you undertake. A single decision can either make or break our goals. So many people have overcome difficult obstacles, why not adopt this attitude; “who am I to give up when people in far more difficult circumstances strive onwards.”

Success starts with a decision, “I can be…” “I am going to…” and then continues with inspired action. Those of you who are reading this, you have already made a decision that you want to learn how to succeed. You are here for a purpose.

We all have to figure that out. Mine was caring about people and spreading my thoughts. That was the underlying inspiration for my goal, to educate those who want to succeed and to inspire people to achieve greatness. It’s my answer to a question I once asked myself, “what have I done to justify my existence.”

That's why, some years ago, I made the decision to put together all my notes and write my first book. A few years later, now I have the same book published in Serbian (Плаво бели воз), Portuguese (Trem Azul e Branco), and now the version in English (Blue and White Train) is about to become true in October 2015, to be published in New York City first.

Danijel Mirkov has published Trem Azul e Branco in Portuguese. In October 2015, the version in English is coming.
Click on the image above to read the first chapter of the book (in Portuguese).

Success is addictive; once you have had your taste of it you want more of it. That is the feeling I had when my first book was published. By taking inspired action and striving to achieve something you will find that opportunities come your way and obstacles of any size can be overcome if you just keep on going.

When people have goals, one of the main reasons that they give up and ultimately fail is that they do not have a definite purpose, the goal has no context. Many people pick a goal and blindly aim for it, they need to also decide WHY they want to pursue that goal, this is what will motivate and keep them focused.

Take these two examples:

Jake said:

- “I am going to earn a million dollars this year.”

Amanda said:

- “I am going to earn a million dollars this year because I want to use some of that money for my children, help out my family, free up my time and take off the pressures of everyday life so that I can spend more time doing the things that I want to do.”

Which statement has more power? Which one would you say is more likely to succeed? Which one do you think is going to be more inspired and driven to overcome the obstacles put in their way because they have a clear and definite purpose?

If we assume they both came up against the same obstacles, what would differentiate Amanda and Jake? Jake could ask himself, “am I going to let this obstacle get in the way of my dream? Is this obstacle going to rob me of my freedom and rob my children of their security?” A clear and definite purpose for achieving your goal is essential to your success.

If you set a goal, decide on the purpose. Listen to your inner voice and dream bigger. Choose something that is important to you. That “higher calling” needs to be the most important thing in the world to ensure your success. Above all, make success your ONLY option.

I invite you to take some time to write down some things about your aspirations. We all have them, but everyday life has a habit of making them seem less important, eventually we get into the habit of submitting to life’s every whim and existing instead of living. By allowing life to control us, we lose control. By taking this step back to take charge of our goals we can regain that control and focus on what is really important to us.

Take Charge of Your Life, my friend. You have a bright future ahead. Every day is a New Beginning.

Get some inspiration from this awesome Steve Jobs' Speech:

Cheers! Tin-tin! Čeers! Salut! Salute! 乾杯!

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